If you have a Film, Short Film, TV Show, Fashion Film, Commercial Add, or any other visual piece in need of accompanying music, we can craft and deliver the relevant audio, finalized and ready-to-use.

Listen to our full spectrum of music genres: whether it be a orchestral piece, a latin groove, or an electronic beat, we got you!

Sound Design

Sometimes it is not just music that you need for your project, but atmosphere, sound effects, abstract presence, soundscape: in other words a mood. Whatever it is you need, we will make sure to deliver.

Sonic Branding

It takes around 0.146 seconds for human beings to react to sound, after which emotional response takes place. Having a sound signature is crucial to complete a brands identity by triggering one of the most important human senses and creating a memorable experience.

If you have a brand that is void of a sound signature, we can create a sound identity unique to you.

Audio Post Production

In this area we provide the following services:

  • Sound Restoration: We clean and fix your dialogue tracks, we eliminate that low rumble, high hiss, distant ambulance siren or dog bark that is ruining the best take.
  • Voice Over and Additional Dialogue Recording (ADR): We count with professional recording microphones and booths to record voice over talent and actors.
  • Dubbing: We mix additional or supplementary recordings, such as voice over and ADR, with the original production sound to create the finished soundtrack.

For any given project we offer one or all of the services listed above. Please contact us for detailed rates.